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Manettas Seafood Market

Manettas Seafood Market strives to be the market leader in accessibility to the highest quality seafood. They are committed to connecting you with the freshest seafood from Australia and New Zealand. All Manettas products are handpicked each morning by their community of fishmongers, prepared by their team and then delivered directly to your door for maximum quality and freshness. Take advantage of the freshness and choice of the fish markets without ever leaving your home. Manettas brings the world of seafood to your door!

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*Specialty supplier rotation ranges between 2 - 12 weeks
Hiramasa Kingfish Fillets (200g)
$14.00 each
Alaskan Crab Dip
$23.40 each
Barramundi Fillet (2 x 180g)
$23.40 each
Barramundi Fish Large (3.5kg) - Scaled & Gutted
$89.70 each
Barramundi Side (1kg)
$59.80 each
Black Mussels (1kg)
$19.49 each
Blue Swimmer Crab Raw (380g)
$11.38 each
Cleaned Cuttlefish (500 g)
$26.50 each
Flathead Fillets (500g)
$38.35 each
Fresh Marinara Mix
$56.55 each
Garlic Marinated Prawns (500 g)
$25.50 each
Giant Garlic Butter Prawns
$43.50 each
GIANT King Prawns Green (1kg)
$77.99 each
Hokkaido Sea Scallops (1kg)
$97.50 each
King Prawn Green Medium - Large (1kg)
$55.89 each
Kingfish Sashimi (250 g)
$24.50 each
Kingfish Sashimi Loin (750g)
$80.60 each
Littleneck Clams (1kg)
$33.80 each
Lobster Mornay
$89.00 each
Moreton Bay Bugs Cooked Frozen (1 kg)
$58.00 each
Moreton Bay Bugs Raw Split (1kg)
$76.70 each
Ocean King Prawns Cooked Medium-Large (1kg)
$63.70 each
Ora King Salmon Caviar (100g)
$39.90 each
Ora King Salmon Side (1.1kg)
$89.00 each
Paradise Prawns Raw (1kg)
$55.00 each
Raw Black Tiger Prawns (1kg)
$39.90 each
Salmon Fillet (2x180g)
$23.90 each
Salmon Sashimi (250 g)
$24.50 each
Snapper Fillet (2 x 180g)
$25.00 each
Southern Rock Lobster Cooked Frozen (900g-1kg)
$88.00 each
Sydney Rock Oysters Large (dozen)
$34.50 each
Sydney Rock Oysters Medium (dozen)
$29.90 each
Tasmanian Salmon (4kg) - Scaled & Gutted
$125.00 each
Tasmanian Salmon Side (1.4kg)
$78.00 each
Toothfish Fillet (150g)
$24.00 each
Tuna Steak (220g)
$18.50 each
Yarra Valley Caviar (100g)
$48.50 each
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